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Panama City Beach Police Department

Hurricane Michael came ashore a few miles from our city. It took me three days to return to work after the storm. I arrived to find them working on backup radios. No CAD and no A/C and little sleep.

Winston/Louisville Police Dept

The average person will not be able to handle this job – it takes a strong-minded dedicated and heartfelt person to do this job.

Hawaii Fire Department

We live and work in paradise, and with that comes its own challenges in the form of brush fires, land and sea rescues and a variety of rural and unique situations that we respond to

Kentucky State Police Post 10

Together, we have handled winter storms that have caused state of emergencies, tornado, delivered babies, and numerous officer involved shootings. 

Southeast Emergency Communications

From staffing changes, to consolidation, to technology enhancements (radio system, CAD and soon phones), they buckle down and get the job done.

Carteret Emergency Communications

During the peak of the hurricane our center received quadruple the amount of calls than we do on a “normal” day.  Every single person at the center had to put their personal lives on hold

Pasadena Police Department

Our job is truly one of the most demanding, stressful, thankless positions there is in a police department. And most of us make it look effortless.

Kentucky State Police Post 5 Campbellsburg

People don’t call us to tell us about their wonderful day. They don’t call us to tell us that they love the police. We don’t hear about someone’s great day. We hear their worst.

Birmingham City 911

Every dispatcher I have worked around handles every call as if it was someone dear to them, motivated to assist any situation that is on the other end of the phone.

Bonner County Sheriff Dispatch

We’re a small center in North Idaho and have a great little dedicated group of dispatchers that have been through some really horrible incidents, as do most in this field.

Gwinnett County 911

Gwinnett County 911 Dispatchers are a team as a whole. Although we work four separate rotations we still continue to assist each other across the board.

KSP Post 1

I work with an awesome group of telecommunicators! We have been through tornados, floods, blizzards, an active shooter situation and two LOD deaths together.