Granny 911

Obion County 911

We’ve heard it all before–screaming, cursing, background noises, and sometimes deafening silence–but one of our callers inadvertently gave a nickname that we cannot forget.

Carol Easley began as a trainee in 2014. She took the job not knowing that she would come to love it.

She and her dispatch partner were rocking along with a typical day when Carol answered the 911 line. A woman who was very upset kept saying she needed an officer NOW, so Carol was trying to get her location to get the correct department to respond. The woman kept repeating she needed an officer NOW! Finally, Carol said, “Ma’am, I will get you one, but I NEED to know where you are so I can send one.” The woman stopped and replied, “I don’t need no Granny 911 telling me what I need.”

After the call concluded, Carol looked at her partner and said, “I know I’m getting older; I look and see that I look older. But do I even SOUND like I am getting older, too?”

From that day on, Carol has been known as “Granny 911”, a badge she wears proudly.

Carol is not only a great team member and training officer, but she is a great friend, too. We are blessed to have a Granny 911 in our midst.