Julie, Jules, Julia, Juli….UHG! I’ll just call you Uhg.

Cobb County 911 Department of Emergency Communications

Hey Uhg,

You were in the class behind mine. All I knew about you is that you seemed to like working the CCSO radio, so we had one thing in common. Subconsciously, I think we teamed up to sit in our own pod, as a means of survival as the newbies on a shift of veterans. Did you realize it’s turned into almost 8 years? I didn’t, until I started thinking of who my work sidekick might be. Through babies, graduations, weddings, and all those great dress up days during NPSTW, it turned into years. We dressed up as matching cat burglars, Golden Girls, Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic. (I didn’t attach those pictures, you’re welcome!) I never would’ve watched The Office or Hamilton if it wasn’t for you and your jokes. After my promotion, I moved to a different shift, which was necessary but difficult. On one of the shifts that I worked over, I helped you fix your dress and for the CCSO LODD funeral. The term “work family” can carry a negative connotation when it’s abused by toxic leadership, but when I think of work family, I think of teams like this. “Sorry I annoyed you with my¬†friendship.”