Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Comm Center FAMILY

Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Communications

We are truly family here in pueblo at the Sheriff’s office. Starting with the backbone our amazing comm center manager Shawna Clementi, she is the best manager to work under no questions asked. She cares about us and we all feel it. She is there whenever we need her. She actually steps in and works a console when we are short, she actually did this for months at a time just to make sure we do not have so much over time. She goes shopping on her own time with her own money and provides us with food and other needs for the month. Just to make sure we are comfortable when we are here at work. We are a small agency, but we are close knit. I know there is the saying that your coworkers are your second family. We really are family here. All of my coworkers are my heroes, and I would work beside any one of them including our manager. We are definitely a super team!!!