RSO CTO Crew – Courageous Thinkers Optimists

Riverside County Sheriff’s Office

I have been the training coordinator for our communications center for about 1 1/2 years. During this time, I have learned about the courageous, outside-the-box thinkers and optimists we are lucky to have as part of our team. We have 40 dispatchers investing countless efforts in our new hires’ success. This takes immense dedication and perseverance, not to mention selflessness. From recruiting events (with our full-time recruiter) to continuous back-to-back training, we now have over 30 active trainees; our trainers have consistently trained in efforts to improve the number of empty chairs for several years. We focus on instilling the same love, respect, passion, and pride for our profession in our new dispatchers while encouraging them to remain their true selves and bring out the best in them along the journey. We have seen many new dispatchers blossom, becoming trainers and advocating the same selflessness. We have learned to accept everyone as they are and use our strengths to lift their weaknesses. We have high hopes for the future. Our team believes that with hard work, goals are achievable, and right now, we are committed to improving our staffing so that all dispatchers will one day be free of overtime. We are fortunate and proud to have you all!