When the Going Gets Ruff…I Have The Trustiest Fur Sidekick

Jefferson County Communications Center Authority (Jeffcom 911)

Sulley (large brown fluff on the left) and Noah (small yellow fluff on the right) are the two best sidekicks a gal in this profession could ask for.

Sulley, codename The Bub, has been my partner-against-crime for nearly 10 years. He’s the muscle of our group. He is a regular bundle of energy, unconditional love, and slobbery smiles, all super powers when it comes to trudging home after a stressful day. Even the toughest toys get turned to shreds in my presence. We tackle the tallest mountains and longest hikes on decompressing weekends. With the amount of fluff and his 95+ pound lean-against-the-legs, he easily faces away any negative emotions after a rough day.

Noah, codename Sassy Man, became my ally for the last 14 years. He’s the telepath of the team. Always knowing when someone needs a cuddle or a kiss. Maybe you need to go outside for fresh air, Noah just knows. And with his sharp voice and puppy face, he has no issue making himself heard and the task accomplished! At 15 pounds, with his eternal smile and fuzzy muzzle, he can mind-control even the toughest foe give him a cookie at any time of the day, even before dinner, making you smile in the face of any emotion.

While I’m always grateful for my Jeffcom 911 team supporting one another at headquarters, I’m especially grateful for this brawn and brain duo who chase away all the residual negativity when I walk through the door of home base.