9-1-1 Rockstars

Thornton 9-1-1 Emergency Communication Center

In 2022 our center dropped down to only having 12 Full-Time, 2 part-timers and 4 Suprvisors.  Our manger was out for the majority of the year and left towards the end of 2022.  Our staff stepped up and worked mandatory 12’s and extra overtime.  Our phone stats did not drop and our team did show citizens that there was anything wrong with the center.  They kept amazing attitudes and stayed professional through it all.  Towards the end of 2022 we started to get people hired on and are now focusing on training 10 new dispatchers, 2 new supervisors and have a new manager.  We are still struggling with all the training going on but now we have a bigger light at the end of the tunnel.  I know every center’s employees are rock stars but the crew we had during this past year really stepped up and showed not only their supervisors how hard their work but our Police and Fire crews have also taken notice.