Team Franklin County

Franklin County Emergency Services

Franklin County Emergency Services is a PSAP in Northern NY that borders Canada.  We have an amazing super-hero team, like many of the other PSAPS across the globe.

What makes ours special, is that all 14 of us are HERE.

Half of our staff has more than 10 years of service!  Family-type relationships develop when you spend the better half of your time in the same room with the same people.

What is exceptional, is that these family dynamics are so similar to sibling rivalries…yes, we all complain about each other’s quirks and strange habits, but if someone from outside these walls criticizes, we have each others’ backs ALWAYS.

The ability to vent and simply unload our stresses to each other allows us to go home after a shift with a little lighter load.  We have conversations and bickering sessions that will leave us in stitches, and some that leave us in tears.

Over the last few years, we have lost loved ones, watched others move on, and saved one of our own.  The commitment, loyalty and compassion that is exhibited in our center is nothing short of extraordinary.  A huge thank you to Franklin County Emergency Services and our Super-Hero team of Dispatchers!