A Not Quiet Place

Spokane Regional Emergency Communications – SREC 911

If you say it, they will hate you.

In Eastern Washington, a group of Emergency Telecommunicators are disturbed when a probationary employee comes on shift saying, “Hey it’s quiet in here tonight.”  He doesn’t believe in superstition, but after tonight he will.

Knowing that just the utterance of the word can lead to chaos, the supervisor sits him down in a seat next to her station before he wreaks more havoc. The call board reads zero, but moments later the ticker begins to rise. The hush that fell over the center is interrupted by everyone all at once receiving calls for service. The ticker rises to 6 calls waiting, then to 10, then 27, and more!  What is happening?

Every citizen in Spokane County is calling 911 tonight to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt them in the streets and in their homes. While jokes have always been made about working during a zombie apocalypse, no one ever expected to work 911 during a monster attack.

While chaos ensues outside, within the walls of the communication center, the telecommunicators adjust to the floodgate of calls. They begin to bond and help each other out, knowing they work best as a team.  Some are even determined to find a way to stop the monsters and protect the people, while others just desperately endure the flurry of calls and wait for day shift to relieve them…