Ace Ventura: Dispatcher

Kosciusko County 911 Communications

Ace Ventura is a Dispatcher for Kosciusko County 911 Communications.  One late Friday night he was working the console answer the calls of his community.  What started out as a routine shift, turned into quite the adventure.  Ace received a call about a missing monkey.

Ace: Central Dispatch, this is Ace

Caller: Hi, my monkey is missing and I cannot find him anywhere!

Ace: Excuse me.  Your what escaped?

Caller:  My pet monkey, Houdini.  When I woke up this morning, he was gone!  I have no idea where he is!  Please help!

Most dispatchers love the thrill of digging into the details and helping officers find the answer.  This was just the case Ace had been waiting for!

As he collected information on the call, his mind filled with questions.  Where could it have gone?  Did someone steal the monkey?  Was HE the monkey? No, he thought of the latter, that’s just silly.

Join us on this thrilling adventure of the missing monkey, Houdini!