Always there to HELP

Hamilton County Emergency Communication District

This is going to sound funny but I would like to nominate Amy McBryar.  Amy is a very dedicated employee with over 20 years of experience.  Amy is a Training C.T.O. training the next generation of 911 telecommunicators. Amy is the problem solver for our shift, if you have a problem or run into a problem Amy is the one to go to for the answer if she does not know it she will find the answer for you.  Amy is also on our cares committee which help put on monthly events for the employee’s birthdays, also she along with the committee help organize and put together “National Telecommunicator Weeks” events. Amy is always willing to help her fellow co worker any way she can. If you are looking for a team member then look no further than Ms. Amy McBryar.  Thank

You for your time.  Jeff