We are not just dispatch partners; we are family.

LaGrange County Communications Center

Let’s start at the beginning, my first day working at the center there were three trainees and two trainers.  I immediately gravitated towards, Amy.  I could tell this didn’t happen often because of her tough exterior, but something drew, me to her.   Training at our center is three, four-week rotations. my last rotation would be with Amy.  Eight weeks later I was back with Amy.  By this time, I knew how to use our CAD system, how to make and dispatch details, but I was lacking the confidence it takes to dispatch.

Well let me tell you, my friend Amy corrected that.  She sat me down and explained to me that we have to make split second decisions, and we have to have the confidence to stand by our decisions, even if they are not always right.  In a few short weeks Amy had my confidence restored and was helping me to complete my training.  At the end of the 12 weeks, we got to pick what rotation we wanted, there was a first shift spot, a night shift spot and a mid-shift spot.  I was the first of the three trainees to get to pick and I chose the mid-shift rotation with Amy.  I had decided that first day, I did not want the shift with the best hours I wanted the shift with the best dispatcher, and that was Amy.

In the last 5 years of being shift partners we have experienced an array of calls, not just loss from the calls we take, but also personal loss.  My dear friend Amy’s 17-year-old son Alex passed away.  I was beyond devastated for my friend and her family, but then selfishly, I thought what about me, what would I do if she didn’t come back.  Who would I work with, because let me tell you this job is hard enough to do without a great partner.  To my amazement my friend Amy came back to work.  She is one of the strongest people I know, and I am so thankful she returned to work, but also, I’m thankful to call her family.

To work this job not only do you need the skill set to do the job but you need a great partner, a side kick.  I might be the Robin to her Batman, but she we will always be my hero.