What’s Your ECC’s Movie?

Is Your ECC the Wild West or a Galaxy Far Far Away?

Sometimes, all you know about a movie ahead of time are the names and plot summaries of the films and maybe the actors. You might not know what is to come until you go into the theater or punch the PLAY button. Much in the same way, many people don’t know what really happens in an emergency communications center.

For this year’s NPSTW contest, we’re asking you to clear that up by naming the movie for your comm center. You can choose an existing movie, a parody of one or something completely made up. Give us a plot summary, then let us know why you chose it. In place of trailers, send us a picture of your cast of characters.  We’d love to see your movie still, but we’re happy to take your headshots and ensemble shots. (But please don’t send copyrighted images as we won’t be able to post them or give you the +1 photo credit.)

To enter the contest, you can:

  • Use the name of a real movie and give it your own plot twist.
  • Create a title that hearkens back to a real one – “Gone with the Ring Tone,” anyone?
  • Get creative and make up something completely new.

Then write a short plot summary and tie it all into your ECC!

And while we know you are all superheroes, you should feel free to expand into other genres – comedy, drama … musical?

Enter this year’s contest below (npstw.org/ourmovie.) If you don’t have a photo, you can select one of ours. And don’t forget to vote because the two entries with the most “likes” will win a $100 electronic gift card to treat your center.

Here’s the fine print.

  • There will be two prizes, one for smaller (1-35 employees) and one for larger (over 35 employees) ECCs. UPDATE: Sponsors Naylor Association Solutions (smaller agencies) and NGA (larger agencies) will provide a breakfast or lunch for the winning agencies! When the winners are notified, they will also be put in touch with the proper contacts for the sponsor to coordinate your feast!
  • Sending your own photo adds one “like” to your score.
  • Be as creative as you want, but please don’t attach copyrighted materials as we will not be able to post them.
  • Entries must be submitted by and voting closes on Monday, April 22, at 9 a.m.

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We know you all deserve Oscars for the work you do every day, not just when the camera’s on you. So, after you submit your entry, take a look at the tips and tools on the NPSTW website to help you gain public and agency recognition for your stars.

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