Charlie’s 11

Williamson county was known as a tight-knit community and low crime rate. But that all changed when a group of 11 dispatchers at the local 911 center were caught in a scam that would leave citizens in shock and thousands of dollars poorer. Panicked and confused the innocent citizens would ask for more information, to which the dispatchers would issue fake case numbers and court dates. They would also threaten that if the citizens didn’t pay a $5000 fine immediately they would be arrested and face even more serious charges. The scamnwent on for months without anyone suspecting a thing. But one day a retired police officer who had received a similar call from one of the dispatchers became suspicious and decided to investigate. He found out that there were no such case numbers in the county courts and that the dispatchers were pocketing the money for themselves. This is a highly illegal and unethical act that goes againstĀ  the core principles of being a 911 dispatcher. Not only does it involve stealing from officers and citizens, but it also puts innocent lives at risk by potentially diverting resources away from real emergencies.

…. bet they thought that they would get away with it.