Civilian Superheroes

St. Petersburg Police Department

Fingers as fast as a speeding bullet, ears tuned in to every background noise coming through the headset.. We never back down when our community needs us.

Telecommunicators have tender hearts and a desire to help all those they come into contact with. We consider ourselves lucky to have so many skills that can translate into superpowers. Superpowers we’re born with, such as an increasing desire to help all those we come into contact with, help us to handle every call as if it’s an emergency. Our learned powers, such as being able to listen through the tears and sirens for the important information being tossed our way, help us to not miss a beat – providing all the necessary information to keep our citizens and our units safe.

Though, the one superpower we’re still figuring out is the ability to teleport. Little pains a soul more thoroughly than hearing someone having a hard time on the other end of that headset and not being able to offer them a soothing pat on the back or a hug, to remind them that things will get better. While the ability to physically be there for someone when they’re having the worst day of their life is something we’re unable to do, we put our all into our position on this side of the headset.

I think our repertoire of superpowers will grow as we rise to face the challenges of this job, but teleportation does seem a bit out of reach. For now, we can appreciate the powers we do have, and hope to make a difference in the lives of every caller.