Dispatch and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office
“Dispatch and the Prisoner of Azkaban” centers around the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office and their life of being above jail book-in. Amidst the backdrop of escalating tensions within the dispatch center when inmates bang on their cell doors and shake the desks above, dispatchers try to ignore the inconvenience. However, they grow more irritable and attempt to reign in their annoyance all while working tirelessly to ensure the safety of both the magical and Muggle communities.
Throughout the film, the dispatchers grapple with the knowledge that inmates may be aggravated with jail staff just below. While this is going on dispatchers face their own challenges as they receive alarming reports of magical disturbances and potential attacks. As the mystery unfolds, Karen and her sergeants Teri, Justin, and Nicole along with 18 other dispatchers delve into the truth behind the noise escaping the jail and their connection to the incidents previously on their board.
Encounters with new magical creatures and the discovery of long-buried secrets, leadership relies on the support of the other dispatchers, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to coordinate emergency responses and protect both the magical and Muggle worlds. In the climactic showdown, Karen confronts jail staff, ultimately unraveling the truth about why the desks shake at 3 am, with the invaluable assistance of the 911 dispatchers who ensure that help is always just a spell or a call away.