Dispatch Space

Milton-Freewater 911

Luz has been working MF Dispatch for 21 years, Deb for 17. Over the years there has been a lot of turnover, and now they are just trying to get through the days until they can finally retire. Their co-workers Hock, Gina, and Kaity have been out of training for 3,2, and 1 year respectively.  The newest hire, Tarah, has just been released from training. All of them work rotating shifts in the last remaining non-consolidated PSAP in Oregon.

Most days it’s the same types of calls:  civil/domestics, theft, disorderly conduct, animal complaints and the occasional drug overdose. Thrown into the mix is a new Chief of Police, and the promise of a new PD/Dispatch building that is stuck in construction limbo. Dealing with the desire to fix technical issues with a baseball bat (copy machines and CAD software updates that cause more issues than they fix), cranky officers and crazy frequent flyers, they all just do the best they can while running on short sleep, caffeine, and whatever food they can find.