Dispatch Strong

Massachusetts State 911 Department, Framingham PSAP

“Fate whispered to the dispatcher, ‘ You cannot withstand the storm.’ The dispatcher whispered back, ‘I am the storm.”

Our Team continues to serve as the true First, First Responder without hesitation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! It starts from the top with our Director Richard Fiske and Deputy Director Kristina Morin. Robin Remillard, Records Access Officer. Nichole Annunziata, Quality Assurance Supervisor. Francisco Gomes, PSAP Operations Supervisor. Shift Supervisors: Michael Maxwell, Richard Collins, Robert Heipt, Nicholas Waleszczyk, Timothy McCarthy, Trevor Marchand, Joseph Fantini, Emily Wheatley, and Erin Lydon. Dispatchers: Daniel Walsh, Megan Gentile, Scott Bokor, Alanna Carroll, Shannon Bourret, Leah Pappalardo, Charles McLaughlin, Erin Loftus, Manvir Singh, Olivia England, Liron Schneider-Small, Jamil Edwards, Kristina Polakoff, Robin Gariepy, Lily Taylor, Jeffrey Scafidi, Camile Gonzalez, Ellen Konigsberg, Stephanie Fuer, Bryan Keane, Matthew Maynard, and Robert Stanley.