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Who’s Your Superhero?

Everyday Heroes

I believe every one of our dispatchers are heroes, during these trying times. Covid-19 has changed every aspect of our daily functions.

Super Shilo Ediger

Although I’ve only been here just less than two years, it didn’t take me long to realize the incredible work ethic and desire to continually improve and learn displayed by Shilo.

Not Just a Retiree

I have been very blessed to have a person who continues to support and encourage our center and myself as a 911 dispatcher even though she has hung up her headset.

Adjuster of Crowns

In her 4 years in this job she has become a CTO, TIC, Leader of the Center Employee Outreach Program as well as many self-initiated certifications she works on with FEMA and our parent companies.

April Robbins and her crew

Robbins’ team spent their “down time” when not answering phone calls or radio traffic during their 12-hour shift cutting out hearts and writing uplifting messages on them.

Director Amy Barnette

Amy is the most selfless person I know. If a shift needs to be covered, she covers it. If someone takes a tough call, she is right there checking on you.

The GP 911 Team

They have dealt with staffing shortages, platoon changes, management changes, cutbacks, retirements,  Covid restrictions and we are going through major technology upgrades (CAD, phones etc.). 

Kellie Olivo

Kellie is one smart young lady that truly knows what’s she’s doing. Doesn’t get flustered at all. She is AWESOME!!!!

My Wife and Kids

My SUPERHEROES no matter how cliche it may sound to some of you are my wife and kids.  My wife is the absolute most supportive wife anyone could ask for who works in this profession.

Dispatch Supervisor Lisa Lee

Ms. Lee has always been a constant source of encouragement and knowledge for me. She deserves to be recognized for what she does and the dispatchers that she has molded and still mentors.

Danika Lubold

There are many trials she has overcome with a positive attitude and the drive to continue helping our community in her position as call taker, dispatcher, training officer, supervisor and the awesome shift commander that she is today.

Asst. Lead Tara Pauli

I am completely inspired and hope to achieve half of what she’s done for the future of our communications center!

Supervisor Amanda Darensbourg

Amanda is compassionate and very smart in what she does, she goes beyond the call of duty in her position and she can multi-task in many disciplines.

All of My PSTs

My superhero is all of my PSTs. This group cares for each other and the district they serve and inspire me every day.

Sheriff James K. Wigington aka Doc

My “superhero” is the sheriff in our small county. Doc has not let the pandemic slow him down at all. He makes time for everybody mostly at the expense of his own personal life.