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Who’s Your Superhero?

Kathrine Little

She values customer service above all else; no matter how difficult or challenging a call might be, she is absolutely unflappable.


This crew has adapted and learned to leaned on one another to become stronger than ever.

The Remarkable Cheryl Pelletier

A year ago, Cheryl Pelletier was promoted and took control of the Communications Center as its new manager. At that moment, there was a quick and deliberate turn to better times.

Undercover Heroes

We are the undercover heroes because no one sees us, no one knows our names, what we look like, etc. T

Dina Volkman

Through all types of calls whether serious or mundane Dina is the consummate professional.

Mike the GOAT

One of the greatest dispatchers who cares about his officers.

Mike Ratterre

Cares about all his officers on shift, always works above and beyond.

Kathy DeGracia

Her dedication, pride, and passion for this career and her officers is unmatched. This is her calling and she is an asset to her departments!

It Took Only One

My hat goes off to this dispatcher and much respect for what she accomplishes.

Kim Wingate

That day I learned what a HERO is. Even though I lost my father that day I still look at her for being strong and stepping up and doing what we do in our profession

Not all heroes wear capes

Danielle loves to help people and get them the help needed in any emergency they might find themselves in.

Too Hip Too Cool

There is no limit when you are rocking with Shift 1. They are too hip and too cool to allow the stressful calls get to them today. 

Queen Anne’s County 911 Our Heroes

They dedicate their career to being the first voice that someone hears when they are having an emergency, the most important voice that many will never see.

Dispatch Strong

“Fate whispered to the dispatcher, ‘ You cannot withstand the storm.’ The dispatcher whispered back, ‘I am the storm.”

Maria King

She recently led the charge to implement text to 9-1-1 service in SD, a big accomplishment!

She’s got the POWER

She spent countless hours over the next few months revamping the entire training program and getting us where we need to be.

La Tina Johnson

She is a straight shooter when something should be fixed and when we are doing great.


Throughout the various facets of his life, he exudes what it means to be a Superhero and when an emergency call “rings”, Jeffrey Eaddy stands ready to answer and dispatch the call

LVSO Telecommunications Team

We’ve faced staffing challenges and changes, shift changes, new procedures, severe weather, and COVID-19.  Through all of the chaos this team has come out fighting. 

Franklin “Big Cat” Chatman

Frankln Chatman is a Telecommunicator I, who exemplifies the words inspiring and influential within our communication center. 

Jan King

She is not just my HERO she is the WHOLE centers HERO and everyone that has the pleasure of meeting her. 


My Team of superheroes are my role models. They consistently inspire and motivate each other to do better than they did yesterday.

Our Center

Our team hit it out of the ballpark last year and I can not begin to tell you how proud I am to call them my co-workers.

Best Dispatchers Ever!

But above their individual and collective excellence as public safety dispatchers, every one of them are wonderful people.

My Hero: Courtney Kirkland

She has a passion for her work that shines through in those moments where it matters, those moments that our officers depend on us for vital information, quick thinking and using good judgement.

Ashley Marie

Ashley always goes above and beyond her normal dispatcher duties. She comes to work eager to work and is always willing to help.

Forever a Superhero

Mr. Quiroga is compassionate, a hard worker, and knowledgeable and always ready to lend a hand to anyone in need. 

Puts the Super in Supervisor

I am thankful for David’s experience everyday. He has helped me become a better call-talker for the public and the police officers!

Monica Garcia

Not only did she prepare me for this job, but she also gave me the strength and courage to believe in myself and become a great asset for the public and the city of San Antonio.

To Infinity and Beyond!!!!

Denise has been described as an octopus on steroids. She is a bright and shining star at our second home and definitely wears her cape well.

ECO of the Year Melanie Givens

From COVID-19 to civil unrest within the City of Richmond, Emergency Communications Officer Melanie Givens has remained committed to being an influential leader within rva911

Melissa Pimentel

A dispatcher beyond her tenure, she is someone who sets the standard even for senior dispatchers.

Beating Cancer

My hero is my Uncle. For the past 1.5 years he has been battling lung and brain cancer (the same cancer that my mother succumbed to).  He has the best spirit and outlook on his …

Unseen Heroes of Seattle

Seattle 9-1-1 employees came to work daily, never knowing what they were walking into. Daily and nightly protests prevented safe access to the comm center, located at a downtown police station.

The Putnam County Team

Through this loss, the dispatchers continued to be there to answer the calls for help; even though they were suffering on the inside, the callers couldn’t tell.

Julie “Tiger” Kelly

The thing that makes her stick out is that she has empathy for us dispatchers. She can tell when we need a little boost or encouragement; she can sense if something is going on in our lives.

Rob Satterfield

On April 1, 2021, Southeastern Arizona Communications (SEACOM) Dispatcher Rob Satterfield celebrated 30 years as a volunteer and part-time dispatcher.

Mamma Lori Styx

Lori retired from the road as a VCEMS EMT with over 20 years of service. She took her experience, care, and compassion to the Volusia County phone lines.

April Nicole

Ahe never wants the limelight or nor does she do it for the recognition. She does it for the love of the people she serves and for the love of the job.

“The Invisible Seam”, Melody Jones!

Melody Jones is an exceptional woman, a respectable human being, one would say a “superhero” for the love she has developed for others as a servant in public safety.

TEAM Raleigh-Wake 911

The Superheroes of RW911 quickly answered the call of duty to ensure the safety and security of their neighboring city.

Freya in Miami Y Mas

In Miami, there is a grocery store named ‘Fresco Y Mas’ – it means Fresh and More. Freya is the epitome of ‘and more’.

Mrs. King

I’m fortunate to work alongside an entire crew of heroes including superb dispatchers but Kelly tops the cake.

Karen Stepp

McDowell County Native serves her community selflessly always giving a 100% to help others.

Resilient Super Heroes

Despite the tremendous stress levels, added work and uncertainty surrounding COVID, the superheroes of Umatilla County NEVER wavered one step.

Saved By The Bread

Dispatcher Salnajs took her training into action and started doing the heimlich on Dispatcher Flynn. Dispatcher Salnajs’s amazing efforts saved Dispatcher Flynn’s life.

The 60 Control Team

With the first epicenter of COVID-19 right here in our backyards, our staff of dispatchers, supervisors and support personnel went into overdrive. 

The amazing disappearing Mason!

During a day off, February 15, 2021, around 1900, PSC III Kraut utilized his training from DPSC and his EMT class to save someone’s life.

Christopher White

Chris is as reliable as they come and no one on our shift ever feels like they are alone as long as he is close by.


The best group of dispatchers on the East Coast!  I’m proud to be part of such a dynamic team where everyone has something to bring to the table. 

My Team

The way I saw them pull together to help each other during this unprecedented time is commendable.


This team of amazing individuals trusted me as we marched through the pandemic. Everything that was thrown at them they handled with grace and understanding.

Hey everyone! Meet Nicole!!

She learned the job during the height of COVID, when there were virtually no calls and still managed to become of the best callktakers we have ever had. 

New Lead TAC in the house!

Kama has stepped into a new role of Lead TAC. Although it’s a bit overwhelming at times, she has taken it one step at a time and is learning the process quickly.

S.O.R. Superstar!!!!

Michelle takes a down and dirty approach to Sex Offender Registrations.  She goes above and beyond with her efforts to gather information. 

The Invisible Super Woman

I am inspired by a co-worker named Fatima Singleton, She is the epitome of being an invisible super woman.

3rd Shift Crew

We went to a Central Dispatch Center in July 2020, combining 3 agencies into 1. I became the 3rd shift supervisor and could not ask for a better crew.

The Avenger

My superhero, is my best friend, partner on a daily basis at work, and I consider her to be a sister.

Iwakuni, Japan Dispatchers

These individuals go above and beyond the call of duty every shift providing critical support in translation services, fire and medical dispatching, and coordinating with Japanese resources for our Marine Corps base.

Everyday Heroes

I believe every one of our dispatchers are heroes, during these trying times. Covid-19 has changed every aspect of our daily functions.

Super Shilo Ediger

Although I’ve only been here just less than two years, it didn’t take me long to realize the incredible work ethic and desire to continually improve and learn displayed by Shilo.

Not Just a Retiree

I have been very blessed to have a person who continues to support and encourage our center and myself as a 911 dispatcher even though she has hung up her headset.

Adjuster of Crowns

In her 4 years in this job she has become a CTO, TIC, Leader of the Center Employee Outreach Program as well as many self-initiated certifications she works on with FEMA and our parent companies.

April Robbins and her crew

Robbins’ team spent their “down time” when not answering phone calls or radio traffic during their 12-hour shift cutting out hearts and writing uplifting messages on them.

Director Amy Barnette

Amy is the most selfless person I know. If a shift needs to be covered, she covers it. If someone takes a tough call, she is right there checking on you.

The GP 911 Team

They have dealt with staffing shortages, platoon changes, management changes, cutbacks, retirements,  Covid restrictions and we are going through major technology upgrades (CAD, phones etc.). 

Kellie Olivo

Kellie is one smart young lady that truly knows what’s she’s doing. Doesn’t get flustered at all. She is AWESOME!!!!

My Wife and Kids

My SUPERHEROES no matter how cliche it may sound to some of you are my wife and kids.  My wife is the absolute most supportive wife anyone could ask for who works in this profession.

Dispatch Supervisor Lisa Lee

Ms. Lee has always been a constant source of encouragement and knowledge for me. She deserves to be recognized for what she does and the dispatchers that she has molded and still mentors.

Danika Lubold

There are many trials she has overcome with a positive attitude and the drive to continue helping our community in her position as call taker, dispatcher, training officer, supervisor and the awesome shift commander that she is today.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Office

These are my peeps, the calm behind every cry for help. You’ll never see their face, but you will always hear their voice. Good or bad, they have your back and mine. While we might …

Asst. Lead Tara Pauli

I am completely inspired and hope to achieve half of what she’s done for the future of our communications center!