Mamma Lori Styx

County of Volusia Emergency Operations Center

Lori retired from the road as a VCEMS EMT with over 20 years of service. She took her experience, care, and compassion to the Volusia County phone lines. Her experience from the streets gives her first hand knowledge and exposure that she brings to the Volusia county citizens and visitors when they call 911!

Lori is the spicy Italian mama you’ve always wanted and didn’t know you were missing! Lori will tell you to tuck your shirt in and offer you a homemade cannoli in the same sentence! Her favorite band is the Styx and I know that family dinners are every Thursday!

I have had the pleasure of working and knowing Lori for over 10 years. If you have the pleasure of meeting her you should ask her her favorite story and settle in for story time!!
Lori is my #headsethero