CPD Communications Super Heroes

Clearwater Police Communications

The entire staff of the Clearwater Police Department Communications Staff inspires me daily!  Working through a pandemic they have risen above and ensured that not only did our staff stay safe but that our community, those we serve, also were safe.  This year we have had several dispatchers win prestigious awards, one of which was a life saving award, which is normally reserved for our officers.  We have been able to maintain full coverage throughout this pandemic and make sure that no call has gone unanswered.  We have not had to leave our center or work remotely from home. Our staff has continued coming to work with their super hero capes on ensured the utmost safety of our community.

In our video we highlight the cartoon/super hero character each employee felt best related to them.  They all gave a reason why and I must say all were spot on!  We recognize our job is demanding and life-altering and one that we do not take for granted.  I am extremely proud to work with such an amazing group of super heroes.  Whether their cape is on or off they always are here to help their fellow citizen or co-worker.