Franklin “Big Cat” Chatman

Adams County E911 Dispatch Center

Frankln Chatman is a Telecommunicator I, who exemplifies the words inspiring and influential within our communication center.  He cares for everyone whom he comes in contact with in person or on the phone. He is very loved and appreciated among his peers on every shift. Franklin also works at a local nursing home to help take care of the elderly when not behind the console.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first started and elderly residents were dying at record numbers he would leave the dispatch center after working 12 hours, to go and help a depleted nursing home staff. Franklin would cook food at the center for other shifts on his days off, so they could have a hot home cooked meal. He has been a true inspiration of laughs when other telecommunicators’ spirits are down in the 911 center. He would and continue to give his all and last to help anyone, I remember when his vehicle broke down and he would catch public transit an hour early to be at work so he wouldn’t be late relieving the working shift.