April Nicole

Calcasieu Parish E-911

April inspires me in so many ways. It started when I lost my daughter in an automobile accident in 2016. April was on her way to work and one of the first on the scene. April knew my daughter very well and her professionalism and kindness helped me through the ordeal.

This year we in Southwest Louisiana experienced COVID-19, and 2 hurricanes back to back with the first being one of the worst if not the worst to ever hit Louisiana. April’s home like many others was severely damaged and she could not see the damages done for nearly a week. Even though she did not know what lay ahead when she was able to return home she stayed at the PSAP and like the others working for Calcasieu Parish E-911, worked relentlessly and tirelessly to ensure that the people of Calcasieu Parish and the First Responders were as safe as they could be and taken care of. I know many people lost everything and others have endured so much and she never wants the limelight or nor does she do it for the recognition. She does it for the love of the people she serves and for the love of the job. For that April Boykin is my hero.