Too Hip Too Cool

Shreveport Fire Communications

An ECC is not to be operated as a pressure cooker but a foundation to build your knowledge, skills and abilities in order to advance in your career. The squad you see are diverse with elite skills and creativity when it comes to inspiring others. They are no different from the other 3 shifts that work hard day and night. This year despite the COVID pandemic they chose to brighten things up and bring a festive vibe into the Comm center. When they are not serving on one of  our various committees, they are processing incoming 9-1-1 calls, submitting training lessons, working unscheduled overtime and assisting with our current hiring process. Could you imagine arriving at work and ready to plug in a disco ball and forming a dance line? Let your theme day be fun and festive. There is no limit when you are rocking with Shift 1. They are too hip and too cool to allow the stressful calls get to them today.  Tomorrow’s theme is Western Day so Hee Haw! Happy Telecommunicator Week Shift 1 and to you all.