Grave Shift; Saving Lives, Not Sending Them There

Bernalillo County Communications

While searching to find the dates for Telecommunicator week, I came across your website and contest.  You asked, “who inspires YOU”.  9-1-1 operators are the calming voice we hear when the unthinkable happens.  They organize the emergency response, they share lifesaving skills, offering instructions to prevent choking, CPR and occasionally birthing.  So, what makes one stand out among others?  My son has a Superpower that others in his ECC admire.  First let me tell a bit about Tyler Leaf.

He has been an Telecommunicator for 7 years, works countless hour of overtime, he is a certified trainer and in Quality Assurance.  Along with continuing his education with on-line classes, he also volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol.  The events that stand out most this year no one can refute is Covid.  Tyler coordinated with the National Guard to organize ground transportation for COVID test sample collection and delivery to multiple state labs throughout the state.

Now, I know you are all thinking “Wow, this guy is a superhero! But what is his superpower?” As I said before, 9-1-1 operators are that calming voice we hear, but he has what his co-dispatchers call “a Dad voice”.  When you get that out-of-control caller who you can’t reach, who isn’t cooperating or answering the questions you need answers to, Tyler’s voice changes and the caller settles down, listen and cooperates.  The first time it happened, everyone sat back and listened to him and his caller.  On the rare occasion I visit the center, all his co-workers told me about his superpower and how amazed they are when he uses “his Dad voice.”

Who knew my single and available son has a “Dad voice,” can’t wait to hear him use it.