Winter Storm Uri Wan No Match for the Resiliency of the San Antonio Police Communications Unit

San Antonio Police Communications Unit.

Winter Storm Uri was the first snowfall in 31 years for San Antonio, TX.  The last actual snow accumulation was in 1989 and lasted a day. We have our fair share of hail and sleet throughout the winter, but nothing like the week long Winter Storm Uri. This storm disrupted power stations, which disrupted municipal water pumps, which froze pipes, further disrupting critical entities like hospitals and care facilities. Our center shifted from normal operations to a contact point for resources as the rolling blackouts turned into days without power for some.  People on life-sustaining machines fell into critical states, many people ran out of supplies or ways to cook or stay warm.

Our nearly 300 team members had the same issues; they had to care for children and their elderly family members, but still, the great majority made it in, on time and ready to assist our city of 1.5 million people. Some of our staff drove 3 hours or more, each way, in the snow and ice from their home outside of town. Some slept at the facility. Some took on extra work to ensure the center remained clean and operational and we all worked together to serve the city of San Antonio.  The storm brought new challenges for everyone in the area. The Team was able to adapt, overcome, and still make themselves available to help our City.

I know to some who are familiar with snow, the events of Winter Storm Uri are a little difficult to comprehend. In short, we do not have the same infrastructure or resources at the ready for a storm of this magnitude.

I am incredibly proud of this Team. Their resilience, teamwork, innovation, and professionalism through the week is inspiring.