Dispatchers Are Detectives Too

Michael Parish, Chief of Police, Cotati Police Dept

Letter of Commendation
Police Dispatcher/Clerk Cristina Montoya

Date: December 26, 2017

During your assigned shift you dispatched officers to the B2 Enterprises Gun Store to investigate the theft of a firearm that just occurred. An unknown person had stolen a shotgun from a countertop in the gun store.

During our officers investigation you were made aware of the suspects clothing description and what type of vehicle he was driving.

Hours later you were reviewing Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) communications by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department. You noticed that nearby in Penngrove, deputies were investigating an assault on family members by Aaron Randall. Deputies were trying to locate Randall who fled the crime scene.

During the review of the CAD notations you found that the descriptions of Randall’s clothing and vehicle matched the suspect who stole the shotgun earlier in your shift. You shared this information with Cotati Police Officers who then worked with deputies to apprehend Randall and retrieve the stolen shotgun.

Cotati Officers and deputies began trying to locate Randall and the missing shotgun before he returned back to Penngrove to potentially cause his family more harm. Ultimately, Randall did return to the area of the previous assault and was found to be in possession of the stolen shotgun. Additionally, Randall had a dozen of rounds of ammunition for the shotgun that he purchased prior to returning to the Penngrove location.

During the investigation our officers determined that Randall had mental health issues and was a danger to his family.

Because of your attention to detail you well may have saved the lives of family members.

A “Standing Ovation” will be submitted to the City Manager and this commendation will be placed in your personnel file.

Thank you,

Chief Parish