Dispatchers Unite !!!!

Citronelle Police Department

     I think anyone who has ever dispatched would agree that having crazy super powers like being able to see the future, mind reading or even being able to be in two places at one time would be amazing. Truth is though, every dispatcher is a superhero. We literally do it all !!!

     Even though I do not possess any of the super powers I mentioned, sometimes I feel like I do. How many times have we taken a call and could literally lay it out play by play and be absolutely correct? While at the same time having to know that even though alot of our calls are the same, each and every one could take a turn for the worst at any given moment. I have been working with my officers so long I feel at this point I have mastered mind reading. Most of the time I know what they are going to say before they ever key up, but there is always that doubt in the back of my mind when they go silent for too long, or when they key up and it is an unexpected transmission. Your heart sinks, but you cannot let that show. And last but not least, I always feel like I am all over the place. Maybe not physically in two places at one time but definitely mentally and emotionally.

At the end of it all it just feels like a normal work day and I clock out and go home and get ready to do it all again. Truth be told I would not want to be doing anything else, just like most dispatchers. You have to have a passion for it, a drive to want to do better and be better all the time. In my opinion those are some of the biggest superpowers anyone can have.