Focused Determination Even in the Face of Uncertainty and Chaos

Holzer Communication Center

What superpowers do public safety telecommunicators have?

I can tell you Telecommunicators possess many hidden superpowers which include maintaining calm in the face of chaos, being able to multi-task while under great pressure of an emergency, typing faster then the speed of light, active listening to hear what is going on and finding out all the information needed to relay to response teams, super strength to pick ourselves back up for those hard calls and to lift co-workers up when they are having a bad day, and having focused determination even in the face of uncertainty and chaos.

What superpowers do you WISH you had?

There are three superpowers Telecommunicators wish we had, first would be telepathy so we can read the caller minds to better assist our patients and customers. Second would be self-confidence to help drive you to be more confident in yourself, the more confident you are the better you will be. Third would be self-healing, to heal the emotional pain of others and yourself, and to help those who are hurt and who may have terminal illness, this would be the greatest power of all.