Guardians of the Dispatch

Maryland National Capital Park Police Montgomery County Division Communications Center

Picture this – right in the heart of our bustling city, a remarkable group of dispatchers transforms into the “Dispatch Heroes.” Led by the quick-witted and sharp Lead Dispatcher Emma, these communication champs are on a mission to keep our city and now, the entire galaxy, safe and sound.

As our Dispatch Heroes face a sudden wave of unexpected emergencies, they find themselves evolving into something beyond just city protectors. Now, they’re becoming Public Safety Telecommunicators across the galaxy! From navigating wild police chases to coordinating responses during intergalactic storms, they’ve got the whole cosmos covered. But here’s the twist – they stumble upon a sneaky plot orchestrated by an otherworldly villain named Nebula Echo, who seeks to disrupt the peace not only in our communication center but also throughout the galaxy.

Nebula Echo’s devious plan involves causing a widespread loss of telephone services on a universal scale, creating chaos and confusion among various planets and species. With communication breakdowns across the galaxy, our Dispatch Heroes must now race against time, hopping from one star system to another, to thwart Nebula Echo’s nefarious scheme.

To make matters more challenging, the Dispatch Heroes discover that their skills are needed across the galaxy. They have to leave their assigned consoles to assist other dispatchers in training in jurisdictions spread throughout the cosmos. Facing unfamiliar technologies and communication protocols, our heroes adapt quickly, sharing their expertise and forming bonds with dispatchers from different worlds.

Along the way, they encounter peculiar extraterrestrial allies, navigate through wormholes of space-time, and even discover ancient cosmic communication artifacts that hold the key to stopping Nebula Echo’s Communication Crisis.