Henry Co. 911

Submitted by Jennifer Graham

We would love for you to buy our staff lunch!  As most communications centers we work hard for our community but are often forgotten. From August 2017 to March 2018  we suffered great loss. We work in a small tight knit community working with folks we know on a first name bases.  On August 6, 2017 we had an officer do a routine traffic stop IN FRONT OF OUR BUILDING…we had just moved into our new dispatch home and now have great cameras on the outside.  When the officer was on this traffic stop (our staff was excited to be able to zoom in on the stop) he was fired upon by the driver and died a very short time later at the hospital. This happened at the edge of our parking lot…where we have to pull in every single day.  There were a lot of dark days following that night, but we had gotten back to our new normal…until the night 6 months later on March 6, 2108 when we had our 2nd officer die in the line of duty (I won’t get into the details).  To say the least our staff has been through the ringer over last couple of years. It would be so nice to be able to appreciate them during NPSTW where we might not be able to afford to do something that nice!