Heroes Rising: Inside the Melbourne Police Department 911 Center

Melbourne Police Department Communication Center (FL)

The Melbourne Police Department 911 center had been short staffed for months. With only 21 telecommunicators instead of the usual 32, everyone was feeling the strain. Day after day they would receive call after call from people in need and each one needed their help. The pressure to perform at peak efficiency was high but no matter how much stress they were under, nobody ever gave up or stopped trying their best to serve those who needed it most.

It wasn’t easy work though, even with all the heroes on staff willing to give 110%. Whenever someone’s shift ended another hero took over and worked as hard as possible until it was time for them to take a break too. It seemed like an endless cycle of dedication and determination that kept them going through thick and thin.

Every single telecommunicator had their own unique story about why they chose this profession. Some wanted to make a difference in people’s lives by saving them from danger, while others just loved talking on the phone and helping those in need – whatever it took for them to make sure every call got answered correctly and efficiently.

But even amidst so much diversity, there was one thing that all these workers had in common: heart. Whether they worked four hours or twelve hours each day; whether they handled emergency calls or mundane inquiries; each operator put their full effort into making sure no one felt neglected or unheard when calling MPD 911 center for help.

From rookies who needed guidance through experienced veterans willing to lend an ear, everyone found something special within themselves as well as among their coworkers here at MPD 911 Center – something more meaningful than any paycheck could ever be worth: camaraderie, friendship…and most importantly heroes!