Hidden Ninja

Melbourne Police Department 911 Center

Melbourne Police and Fire Dispatchers appear to be like any other citizen of Brevard County…. parent, sibling, dog owner and cat lover…  but once we step through the portals at 701 S Babcock, our Ninja skills are initiated. These are skills that we have developed and perfected over the years…. be it on a radio position or a 911/call taking position. We are the invisible superheroes that few ever see but many speak to in times of need, in out dimly lit secret location, known as the Comm Center, our senses are heightened when we hear the alarm of the incoming 911 or the 1024 activation for a pacset.   Using our verbal judo skills we quickly acquire the needed information from our officers and fire fighters, Our bodies seem to blur with the speed and accuracy of our multi-tasking skills. Our skin becomes like the steel of our blade, deflecting angry and emotional outbursts, Our nerves are still and unwavering as we carry on the duties throughout the day.  At the end of our watch, we morph back to our citizen self, knowing that we will be ready for tomorrow, no matter what the day brings.