Kentucky State Police Post 8 Morehead

Submitted by Lisa Angel

Most people, if butchering Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody so poorly the karaoke mic gets shut off, would hang their heads and exit stage left. But not if those people are the 10 dispatchers from Kentucky State Police Post 8 Morehead. We switch to another mic and keep going. Most people wouldn’t want to watch a movie from front row theater seats. But when Post 8 Dispatchers go, if one of us is stuck in the front row, we are all there, together, with awkwardly bent necks. Dispatch is a stressful job, but we get through it by sticking together. We are a team. We are family. Whether we are working overtime shifts through a devastating tornado, holding hands grieving the loss of one of our own, throwing a baby shower, or attending a wedding, through bad times and good, we are there for each other. We lift each other up. No one knows the stress, joy, and heartache that come with this job better than other dispatchers.  That makes us uniquely qualified to be each other’s best friends. Most people wouldn’t do this job. For those that do, when you get hired here at Post 8, you get more than a job, you get friends. Friends that will sing bad karaoke with you, and sit with you in the front row of the theater or in the console next to you holding the Thin Gold Line.