My partner in solving crime

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office

Let me tell you about my right hand (Wo)man. My partner in crime, fighting. My loyal, like minded (usually) work sister, Sabrina.

Sabrina started a few years after me. Our first shift together I said something under my breath about a squad car not being a snow plow and she thought it was about her. She immediately confronted me and asked me to speak up and to her face. I repeated what I said, smiled and said I like you, I will keep you.

Together for the last 5 years we are each others backup in the radio room. Everything is “we”. We don’t accept “No record” on a leads response. We don’t let 911 hang ups go so casually. We hunt. We utilize our resources. We high five when we solve a case ourselves. We entourage and congratulate each other. I know if I’m forgetting something or someone she already knows what I need. Her judgement is sound. Her nerves are calm.

And after 5 years on the same shift, when we’re apart, it makes us realize what we have as a team together. We miss each other. We’re glad when we’re back together. We have each others back. I know when I’m in charge, I never have to worry about her. Every decision she makes is the one I would make. Every dispatch center should have a Sabrina. She is a gift.