TEAM A  has been through many high priority situations this past year and each time they have worked flawlessly together! 

Chandra, Heather & Matt T : I enjoy working with my supervisors because they trust us when it comes to our jobs and trust that we can handle whatever situation gets thrown at us but is also there for support or to help us when needed.

Working with Chandra and Heather as Co-Supervisors on A-Shift has been awesome. We work as a cohesive team, and do not contradict each other. We are constantly keeping each other in the loop and we ensure that we are not missing things that are going on within the shift.

Ultimately, I enjoy working with everyone who works with the ESCC, however, it would take me to long to write about all of you so I did shift A. I enjoy working with everyone in the ESCC as I have a kind of bond with all of you and can work well and get along with all of you as well. I believe everyone in the ESCC does a fantastic job in the field we are in and helps out when needed. I do believe no matter what shift we all create great teamwork!