In March and April of each year, this page will reflect stories about National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.  For the rest of the year, we will post positive stories about public safety communicators. Feel free to send us links to news stories by emailing

June 2017

Dispatcher to be honored for saving little girl’s life
An emergency dispatcher in Marathon County, Wisconsin, will be honored with the ‘Hometown Hero’ award after he helped save the life of a little girl who was choking.

8-year-old girl calls 911, saves life of aunt having seizure
The dispatcher was able to obtain the family’s location when Makenzie read the license plates on the cars at the home and next door and was able to remain calm with the help of the dispatcher.

911 dispatcher identifies caller’s carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms, saves family
“Probably carbon monoxide poisoning, you guys are having symptoms of that so I need all three of you or get everyone out of the house right now.”

May 2017

Frederick County first responders win statewide awards for service
Emergency dispatcher who fielded call from woman attacked by bear won Emergency Medical Dispatch Provider of the Year.

South Brunswick police honored officers, dispatchers and citizens at luncheon
Dispatchers helped to save a child’s life when they provided instructions to the callers on how to perform CPR and utilized a mapping program to determine the exact location of the drowning.

9-1-1 dispatcher credited with saving life
Dispatcher instructed the caller how to do the Heimlich Maneuver on his choking wife.

First responders honored for saving lives
Emergency dispatcher given two Phoenix Awards, each for helping to revive a patient who had suffered cardiac arrest.

Kitchener woman credits 911 dispatcher with saving her from fire
Dispatcher was new enough with the Kitchener Fire Department that she wasn’t through her probation period.

April 2017

Loveland dispatcher helped save student’s life over the phone

Dispatcher saves Abilenian’s life

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