NPSTW Forsyth County Emergency Services

Forsyth County Emergency Services

Every April we are ecstatic to begin the second week of the month. For the majority of our agencies’ history, the event was not celebrated, however, for the past five years, we have celebrated NPSTW much to the delight of our Telecommunicators. Every year, a committee of peers creates a fun-filled week of treats and fun activities for everyone. The 2022 NPSTW celebration includes a theme week, donations of lunch and dinner for all employees, small games to win prizes, a 50/50 raffle, and door prizes that include 4 grand prizes (which are pretty awesome this year, but are top secret for now). Big or small I do feel that every agency can provide a celebration for their teams. Please don’t be afraid to be the change that your agency needs, we are living proof of positive change. Small meaningful changes can make amazing positive change. Happy Telecommunicators Week to all.