Organized. Focused. Attention to detail. Ability to multitask. Adaptable. High level of confidence. Superior communication. Empathic and compassionate.

Union City Police Department Communications

Along with multitasking all of these skills we should also have the ability to maintain a professional environment be able to show peer cooperation work together as a team. We should also be able to keep calm cool and collective while training the new hires during their training. My superpower as a dispatcher is being able to maintain the caller calm on the while getting the information we need while at the same time dispatching and updating my coworkers as we work together to get the caller out of the situation they are in..

I wish I had the ability to know the outcome of those calls that come in with that desperate cry for help when we transport to a hospital but our call ends once transport ends we never find out how the caller turned out in the after care of the hospital so for me at least it’s a piece of mind knowing we made it in time to transport and get them to the place where they will receive the care and help they need.