Sheridan County 911

Submitted by Sapphira Olson

While I could bore everyone with the stats on my center and all the work we do, it’s really preaching to the choir. Instead, I want to brag my girls up. I work with some AMAZING ladies!! We have become a family here and we all have our places in it. Our strengths and weaknesses balance everyone out. We don’t always get along and sometimes we fight or hurt each others feelings, but just like a family, we are there for each other through thick and thin. Woe be unto the deputy or responder that messes with one of us. We have long memories and we have each others backs. If someone has an emergency, we are all willing to lend a hand and pitch in. There is no mindset where someone ‘owes’ a favor. We simply help out. The attitude here of rolling up the sleeves and pitching it makes the work pass smoothly. We try to have fun. We have a department pet, Quilly Wonka, the hedgehog and we fight over who gets to go out and do community events. We have a grumpy cat picture on the wall and we decorate it with a new theme every month. It’s fun coming to work and even though we don’t get recognized by the commissioners or the community, we make an effort to recognize and value each other. What more can you ask for in a team?