The Enigma Centurions

Prosper Police Department

Often, we are seen as clerical data entry receptionists. No, no, and no.

Dispatchers are resilient beyond measure in any situation. We are given minimal education, training, and experience, since it is absolutely impossible to train for EVERY situation. This is not to say that every department does not do it’s best to prepare us, but, this is a reality. With that level of preparation, we are expected to not only handle every situation that comes our way.  We are expected to do this while we lead and guide, not only our responders to those who need help, but to lead those calling for help through a successful outcome. Or, as successful as possible. We are expected to do all of this with minimal damage to the life and property. This is an incredibly overwhelming task that is not for the meek at heart, mind, or spirit. A true Dispatcher does not claim to know everything but strives to learn, adjust, modify, and adapt to any and all situations that arise, all with a friendly, kind, and caring disposition. There is nothing harder than our profession, and there is nothing more rewarding than doing our job the best that we can.