The Manatee Menace

Florida Fish and Wildlife Jacksonville Regional Communications Center

In the murky depths of a secluded Florida swamp, the moon cast an eerie glow upon the still waters. The air was heavy with the scent of decay and anticipation, as if nature itself held its breath in fear. Suddenly, a ripple disturbed the surface, followed by the haunting call of a crazed manatee. A Red Tide outbreak transformed the once-docile manatees into aggressive predators, terrorizing both locals and tourists alike. As disappearances escalate along the coastline, the marine mammal biologists race against time to uncover the cause of the manatees’ sudden violence.

Meanwhile, at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Dispatch Center, dispatchers receive frantic calls reporting the alarming attacks. With resources stretched thin and tensions running high, the dispatch team work tirelessly to coordinate rescue efforts and gather crucial information. Amidst the chaos, they uncover a shocking revelation: The Red Tide outbreak was not a natural occurrence, but a sinister plot orchestrated by a shadowy organization seeking to exploit the manatees’ newfound aggression for profit.

Determined to stop the nefarious scheme and save the innocent creatures, the dispatchers join forces with Officer Jovanov and the rest of the No Mercy team, as they race against time to expose the truth and thwart the villains, they must navigate treacherous waters, confront their own fears, and unravel a web of deceit that threatens to engulf them all. Will they succeed in unmasking the conspiracy and restoring peace to Crystal River, or will the manatees remain trapped in a cycle of violence forever?