‘The Pause Button’

Bastrop County Emergency Communications

In need of a breakOverwhelmed with radio traffic?  Pressured to enter call text quickly?  Trying to do all of these at once?  ‘The Pause Button’ is the solution to your every problem!

Let’s face it; as telecommunicators, we sometimes require a moment of peace in order to process the colossal task load that we are presented with on a daily basis.  We must dispatch by the seat of our pants, and multitask while under a tremendous amount of pressure with an expectation of excellence.  But that moment may never come.

Every telecommunicator should be equipped with ‘The Pause Button’ for every hour of every shift; a device that pauses time itself, including any phone calls or radio traffic, for as long as the operator requires.  This ensures an appropriate amount of time to become better acclimated with any situation.  The best part?  No one aside from the operator is aware of or negatively impacted by it!