Theresa “the Reptile Dispatcher” Carcioppolo

Cobb County Emergency Communications

Since the first day I was released on my radio and Theresa was behind me I have known she had my back. I had a chase that day that lasted over an hour and I was nervous as it was my first day to “prove” myself at a new agency. She helped me with the jurisdiction and made sure I was on top of the procedures. From that day I have known she has my back, she didn’t view me as a “newbie” and accepted my 24 years of service.

Theresa is an awesome role model for our new team members and makes sure everyone feels welcome. She has recently stepped up as a new CTO and is assisting in training.

So why is Theresa the reptile dispatcher? Oh because in her “spare time”, she runs a reptile rescue and cares for over 200 reptiles.  She has combined her love of reptiles and 911 and wrote a children’s book- “Can I Call 911 Now?”. (it’s on Amazon, check it out)