Montana Dream Team

Sheridan County 911

Sitting in severe NE Montana, our PSAP is small. Think TINY. We have 1 director, 4 full time and 1 intermittent ECOs- and we serve a remote county the size of CT that has a population of under 3600. Staffing now is 83%, which sounds tough- but we are only missing someone intermittent to fill in for vacations. Because we are so small, we are a close-knit group who know about and appreciate each person’s strengths, weaknesses, and foibles. With a single ECO on duty at a time, we do “all the things all the time”. Each person can be counted on to do their best- which can be hard sometimes because we know everyone in our little community. Emergencies always seem to include people we know,  neighbors, and sometimes even family. It can be hard on us, sometimes.

But we can have fun together, too! Some of the fun things we’ve done this year are: Lego emergency vehicle construction contest, welcome new baby party, Halloween pumpkin decorating contest, and Christmas cookie decorating. We are always trying to dream up new and fun ways to celebrate, and are dreaming right now of winning this contest! Sigh, wouldn’t that be great?!?