Westchester County Department of Emergency Services “60 Control”

Submitted by John Munson

The WCDES Emergency Communications Center – known as “60 Control” – is the primary dispatch center for over 80 Fire, EMS and Support Agencies in Westchester County, NY.  Our dispatch team of a mere 24 operators working around the clock answered about 200,000 requests last year, and is tasked with monitoring and utilizing over three dozen radio channels/talkgroups.

All of our team members are Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatch certified, providing emergency childbirth, CPR, bleeding control and other life-saving instructions over the phone before first responders even arrive.  They are tasked with coordinating routine responses and large-scale Mutual Aid events, a service that they do proudly and expertly despite not seeing a pay raise for nearly eight years – which finally came about late in 2018.

Each and every day, our staff swiftly and efficiently processes hundreds of requests for assistance – ranging from medical emergencies to major fires, hazardous materials responses to the most unique technical rescues, proudly serving the County of Westchester’s population of over one million people.

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