Wichita State University Police Dispatch

Submitted by Randy Sessions

The WSUPD Dispatch consists of 6 full-time dispatchers and one supervisor.  This dispatch center reports to the WSUPD Operations Captian and is responsible for 24/7/365 emergency coverage on the Wichita State University campus.  WSU has 15,000 students and a faculty/staff base of about 2500.  The dispatch center is accessed by calling 911 on a campus telephone and by 30 emergency phones located around campus.  The dispatch center can also be reached by dialing a local number on a cellular phone or by way of a push button on an emergency services cellular phone application.

This center is responsible for dispatching officers in the 4th largest department in our local county, which includes the city of Wichita.  Any emergencies on the WSU campus are first handled and managed by this dispatch center.  If there is a need for Fire or EMS services, contact with the County 911 Center is maintained to allow for dispatch of those services.  Close contact is also maintained with the City of Wichita Police Department in the event that assistance is required.

This is a small, but versatile, group that is adept at handling any emergency, big or small, simple or complex.  Several of our officers have made the move from dispatching to law enforcement and remain on our campus police force.