3rd Shift Crew

We went to a Central Dispatch Center in July 2020, combining 3 agencies into 1. I became the 3rd shift supervisor and could not ask for a better crew. We have meshed well together, make an excellent team and all have a passion for the job. We came into this pretty blinded on all aspects of how we would run the dispatch center, how city vs county does things and most of us only knowing each others voices and not them as an actual person. From the beginning we were assisting each other, making suggestions, and getting to know each other as a person and also as dispatchers and how we work. I couldn’t say anything negative about my crew and wouldn’t trade a single one of them. I am blessed to have them on our night team and feel as though we attribute a lot to the center. It doesn’t matter if we have something¬† little occurring or large, there is always someone that is helping you out. It doesn’t matter if it is something small and it is all calm in dispatch, or if it is chaotic and crazy, there is usually someone doing your warrant checks, being your other set of ears, etc. The teamwork is amazing!