Our Communications Specialist is a Jack of All Trades

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

Our superhero is our Communications Specialist, Amber Siena. She is very knowledgeable in all technical aspects of our PSAP, as well as the three other PSAPs in our county. She is a part of our agency’s CIT and has been able to help several dispatchers in addition to other agency members during times of crisis. She does public education in our community and has had to get creative during the pandemic, since the schools are not allowing visitors.

Amber is the Florida NENA Public Education Chairperson and will be presenting about education at a virtual conference. Amber is also an APCO PST, FSC, and CTO Instructor, so she is able to help the training coordinators whenever they need a class covered or a co-instructor. She helped form communications’ special events committee and we are able to include squad representatives in making decisions for NPTSW, as well as year-round events. We facilitate peer nominations and peer voting so our dispatchers are able to recognize a Telecommunicator of the Quarter.

Amber is always willing to come help on the comm floor whenever CAD goes down or there is a staffing issue that requires immediate attention. Her knowledgebase comes from being a previous dispatch supervisor, so she is able to help us plan and facilitate creative in-service trainings. She works with 911 Addressing and is our go-to for mapping because of her extensive training with ArcGIS. I could go on and on about how motivating she is, because she is such a great co-worker. She has personally encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone so I can grow, and this is why I see Amber as Superhero!