Amazingly Arid (aka: Super Dry)


Amazingly Arid is an essential Dispatcher super-power. It is used in a variety of ways:

Bladder control is paramount when leaping tall buildings in a single bound…while working through a major incident without a potty break.

Amazingly Arid is the ability to care deeply, think clearly and be decisive while holding back tears as you give a panicked mother CPR instructions for her baby.

Amazingly Arid is that super dry sense of humor.  It is the ability to use appropriate humor as a tool to keep sane in a world where many things are not. It can be healthy to observe human behavior with a sense of humor, we see the oddity of situations and behaviors. Super Dry humor never demeans others or pokes fun at their expense. Super Dry is the ability to see the human and humanity in a uniquely intimate way, humor can be endearing. We are after all, stuck in this together.